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PR Connection 10: Viral Video for Comm. Arts Dept.

As being a member in Professor Barbara Nixon’s Social Media online course, we were assigned a viral video project. The viral video category my group chose was to focus on the communication arts department at Georgia Southern University. With only a couple of weeks left of school, the attitudes and personalities of students have become, well you could say, antsy. Some are awaiting a summer vacation, others a break from a full load of classes, and then there are those like myself patiently waiting to cross the stage at graduation. As my group thought about the type of video we would make, we decided to do something fun, in the moment, and out of the box. We walked around our building and asked students to dance to a well-known throw back rap song. Now, the funny part is, if we had asked students to do this say the first week of a new semester, most would probably be more timid, shy, and less likely to hop on board for a silly project such as this. But with it being so close to summer, that students can feel classes coming to an end, as they walk along the south Georgia campus in the sweltering hot sun, they are fully ready to let loose. This video was just a fun/silly way to see what students will do this close to the end of a semester.


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PR Connection 9: Kate Gosselin and Dancing?

Who hasn’t heard about the scandals and behind closed-door happenings at the Gosselin’s house, right? We all have. After the split and divorce of Jon and Kate the media has been ever so willing to be best friends with both Kate and Jon. Although, their situation is different from most, being that they have eight children, and shared most of their life through a reality TV show on TLC for five years, Jon and Kate are both just human. The publicity and light skyrocketed after the allegations of affairs and such back in 2009. The image that Jon and Kate showed to the media were both quite different.

Kate Gosselin has now written a book which will be released shortly titled, “I just want you to know: Letters to my Kids on Love, Faith, and Family.” Not only has she written another book, but rumors are that TLC will be bringing back the show, but now featuring, “Kate plus 8.” Is it true, I’m really not sure. The latest with Kate Gosselin besides her book and getting a post divorce life back in order, she appeared on TV show, “Dancing with the Stars.” As she danced her way through the competition week after week, she never lost sight of her kids. Although, Kate may not have been the competitor with the best talent when it came to dancing, she gave it her best. Quoted here, from DWTS Exclusive, at E Online, Kate says, “I want my kids to see that there are scary things in life, but if someone else can do it, you can do it, too.”

Although she has been through a lot in the past year, Kate has really held up an image in my opinion that is strong, positive, and truly insightful.


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PR Connection 8: Beauty going all Natural?

What defines beauty? Our definitions of beauty change from person to person. I believe culture has had a huge impact in shaping our minds into how we see beauty and others. It’s evident when you look at our models and celebrities, that beauty on the “outside,” is important. Its a part of their job, to stay in shape, and “pretty.” But is this all that defines beauty? I would have to disagree. A couple years back Dove put on a campaign to sell their products and redefine beauty in a natural and yet positive light. They took natural everyday people, and showed how beautiful they really are. They are striving to change the way the world looks at woman, and one of their strong focuses is on younger women. If you start teaching your daughter at a young age the real importance of beauty, the chance that they will believe they are beautiful without looking like, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, or Heidi Klum are actually likely. Our world has become very caught up in image, and has forgotten much of what makes a person beautiful. The reason I mentioned Dove’s Campaign is because they have a rockin’ PR team. Much like Jessica Simpson’s these days.

Jessica Simpson has been through some issues this past year. It was not long ago that magazines everywhere were accusing her of being “too fat.” She now has a new show out called, “Price of Beauty.” Jessica along with friends are participating in this reality TV show, where they travel to all sorts of different cultures and places and find out what true beauty means to these people. Jessica just recently went “untouched” in the latest issue of Marie Claire Magazine. She is photographed wearing absolutely no make-up. This is bold, not something celebrities are willing to do these days. After I saw the issue and read through the article, I thought wow, someone of her pr team, has got her on the right track. This image sets her a part from many others, and is highly respectable if you ask me.


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PR Connection 7: Crisis Management

I happened to find this video on and found it to be interesting and useful for us PR people. In this video you are given simple steps that come along with a crisis and how to take care of it. The steps talked about in the video are simple, but detailed and can be hard to take care of. It discusses the negative ways that crisis can be impacted and then the positive ways. I found it interesting that social media is found to be so positive. With the sweeping of the media in a crisis, word spreads rapidly. In the video it talks about the ways that social media will impact a crisis. Hope you enjoy!

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PR Connection 6: HAPPO

I discovered this website randomly and boy was I glad that I did. It is titled “HAPPO,” which stands for “Help a PR Pro Out.” This website is loaded with inspirational stories and tips for Public Relations People. The website offers events and features that will get the PR professional up and out the door to success. Such programs, such as, “Help a PR Pro Out Day is designed to help connect PR job seekers with employers looking for top talent.” How great is this? They are offering the opportunity to connect with people from places all over America from Atlanta to San Fransisco.
Although the website is still growing, the potential that it offers is great. There are sections on the site to list job openings and discussion. People have listed their stories of success on finding a job through simple networking, aka social media. As I was wondering through the website to see what all was available I stumbled across an interesting video that I thought I would post for this topic. Alec Biedrzycki has created a untraditional way of writing a cover letter and resume. Its very creative and super funny. Its worth taking a look it. Thanks HAPPO and Alec for letting me share this on my blog.

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PR Connection 5: Going ZTA Alumni

I will be entering the Zeta Alum world. I came to college not knowing one person at Georgia Southern. I decided to rush my freshman year as a chance to get to know other girls. After doing this I became apart of Zeta Tau Alpha, which has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve gotten the opportunity to become involved, hold leadership positions, meet wonderful people, and sisters who I now call best friends. After four years, its hard to believe that it has to come to an end.

Holding positions in my sorority has really helped me through my major. For four years I’ve been involved in many events and fundraisers, supporting the college and local community. I would have never thought going into the sorority that it would benefit me in the future with my choice of study. Being a public relations major, I have been educated on event planning, communications, fundraising, crisis management skills, and much more. Throughout this journey I look back and am so thankful for the experience that I encountered that have come hand in hand with what I hope to do in the future with my degree.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures that remind me of some great times with wonderful people that I will never forget! Alumni here I come! 🙂

Here’s a link to the Georgia Southern Zeta Xi chapter website.

Not just sisters but best friends

Not just sisters but best friends


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PR Connection 4: Tiger Woods

Back in November of 2009, Tiger Woods came face to face with media, but not the type any individual would want. Woods was seen in a different light than ever before. The once well-known golf genius, was now recognized as a “liar.” Through rumors and interviews with former mistresses, and the lack of Woods response to the media, his position in the public was portrayed very negatively. The media jumped all over this case, as people tweeted, posted on blogs, and made their opinions well known.

As Tiger Woods decided to stay out of the public and media as much as possible to try and protect his privacy, the rumors and opinions kept growing. It wasn’t until February 19, 2010, that Woods spoke out about his situation at a press conference. Here he made a public apology, which in turn caused more uproar. People were accusing Woods apology to be fake and careless. People didn’t feel that the apology met the standards they were expecting.

In my opinion, Tiger Woods needed a really good PR team. As someone in the light of entertainment you cannot always expect things to go your way. He obviously did not think he would get caught, but when you do, you need help building back that reputation amongst the public. During the time period of silence, many rumors went rapid, along with the media tracking down anyone and everyone who might know information about the story. Instead of avoiding a problem, I believe he needed a crisis team to help him through the period of silence.


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