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Attention All PR People…”Read All About It”




ATTENTION ATTENTION: Here are my Top 10 favorites things about my Publications class this summer at GSU.

Drumroll please…

10. Blogging! Yes, I said it. Everything is on the internet today anyways, so we might as well just get used to it. I got to get the basics of blogging down in my intro to Public Relations class last spring, and this summer continue to blog in my Publications class. I like it because its a fun and easy way to sort of make a portfolio of your life. In Pubs we basically made a portfolio of our class, how fun!

9. Our group presentation of social classes was a learning experience. Not only did I get to work with 3 other classmates that I had never met before, but we worked hard as a team to put together a 15 minute lecture for the rest of our class that was interactive and informative.

8. Learning InDesign. I had not even heard of the InDesign program before I took this course. Embarressing, I know. Not only did we learn its basics in a few short weeks, but also made some rockin things on it.

7. Okay, so I love TV firstly, and in class we had a couple of days where we were able to watch the show “dirty jobs” towards the end. I learned so much from those 30 minute clips. Not only do we have tons of different types of paper, but the way paper is made…incredible!

6. Every single publication that is done should be written to the target audience and the public you are trying to reach. Who would have known that certain fonts were appealing to our emotions? Pretty psychological if you ask me.

5. There are millions and billions of fonts out there. You don’t have to necessarily stick with what comes up on your pull down on word or design. There are websites that allow you to download fonts that might not be available on your program, one of which we used in class,

4. I can’t leave out Twitter! Its the upcoming hit thing to do if you are at all interested in networking. This website will allow you to socialize and meet people you would never dream of communicating with. My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Ashton Kutcher of course. 🙂

3. I now know how to create my own letterhead and business cards! And we did! I was able to create whatever design, layout, and style that I wanted. Since these were mock examples I designed mine with polka dots and lots of color. This will more than likely go into my InDesign portfolio. I thought this was so much fun.

2. The Crap Principles. When I heard that we were learning how to use the crap principles to better our designs, I thought to myself this can’t be right. But it is! CRAP stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. By using theses 4 principles and applying them to your design whether it be a letterhead or a brochure, it makes the finished product look great and attractive to your reader.

1. My favorite thing I learned how to do in Pubs this semester was working with InDesign to produce a professional brochure for a non-profit organization. Working with the program was difficult at first, and there were still many of questions along the way, but I now feel comfortable with the program and plan to continue using it to produce many things in the future. I love my brochure, and it really means something to me, because I chose the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, I put my heart into the project. This is something I will keep for a good while and maybe even put in my portfolio.

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It’s Movin Time…

This blog is for all of those moving in the near future. I as a college student have moved now in the past 4 years 3 seperate times. Not only is that a pretty large number in a small amount of years, but I will be moving AGAIN, yes I said it, in two weeks. Many college students are used to the hustle and bustle of moving around their college town. Uusually your lease for your apartment or house will run up after just 1 year around the end of July. I was thinking of what type of blog post to share and figured that these simple steps I have put together are sure to help any mover! Enjoy.


Movin the Easy Way: 101

1. First make sure you take a deep breath and relax, this is not a simple project and its not going to take an hour to prep for your big move so you might as well get in the mindset that, your task will take time.

2. I start by getting as many boxes as possible from local groceries, vendors, etc. They are more than willing to give you their trash.

3. Go ahead and stock up on duck tape, scissors, and magic markers. -The worst is when you are in the middle of packing and on a role and you run short on one of these items. It slows your roll.

4. Seperate each room in your mind and only start in one of them. If you jump back and forth the mess can become a headache itself.

5. You will need three seperate boxes at first one labeled KEEP, one labeled TRASH, and one labled GIVE-AWAY.  You of course move the items in the keep box and label them according to room and items, throw away the trash, and take the give-away to your local salvation army, goodwill, or someone you know.

6. The key to step five is this, if you have not seen/used/or given a proper home to an item you find before moving it belongs in the trash or give-away box. You do not want to take clutter to a new place, because the longterm goal is that you won’t have clutter. (Slim chances, I know, because its so easy to do, but I’m hopeful)

7. Once you have packed up one room, move onto the next. This process is fairly simple. I suggest packing the smaller rooms first. This being, your closet, bathroom, laundry room.

moving boxes

8. Once you have packed each room, go ahead take the trash to the dump, give-away all of your items that you do not use, and start loading the “Keep” boxes.

9. A couple of extra suggestions for organization and keeping everything sorted, you might want to use a different color sharpie marker on each rooms boxes. This way all of your kitchen items might be in orange, and your closet items might be in purple. The color distinction will help.

10. Something I like to do…If you feel like your clothes or linens smell like boxes after a long move, throw in a dryer sheet or two with the box for a fresh scent upon unpacking!

Well, this is it. Simple and organized. Most important reminder is not to move junk with you. Its so easy to do, but if you haven’t used something, worn something, or found a spot for something in the past 5 years, likely you won’t in your new place either.

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Blog Comments

In response to Damara’s Damaraology post.

I love your responses! Especially, does anyone love you? “Yes I’m easy to love!” ha, i could believe that, You are super sweet!

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Blog Comments


Responses: to Katrina Sage’s Blog

I cannot wait to see your brochure. I am always interested in spa’s!!! hmmm…so relaxing!

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Repitition: Crap Principles

The CRAP principles were made up by a woman named Robin Williams. CRAP stands for Contrast, Repitition, Alignment, and Proximity. These four words are what determines good graphic design. They are at utmost importance to keep in mind when you are designing. The term I am going to focus on is Repitition. The principle of repitition is defined as repeating some aspect of design throughout the entire piece. This is important. A design needs to be eye catching to the observer. Using the bold and italics is a good thing, and will be recognized by your reader. The color has a lot to do with keeping the reader on the right page. When you read something it is much more confusing if the theme color keeps changing, right? So, remember to keep it simple, it can still be pretty, but you want your reader to know they are still looking at the same page. It helps control the readers eyes. Consistency, and organization are very imporant to your work. The stronger these qualities are, the better chance people will take the time to read your piece.


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Segmenting Publics

ribbonFor my publications class we will be turning in a professional brochure for an organization, preferably non-profit. I have chosen the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Foundation because I happen to know quite a bit about the foundation. It is important to me because it hits close to home, being that my aunt is a breast cancer survivor. My sorority through college has been very active in the fight against breast cancer with fundraisers and participated in many events such as, Race for the Cure. As I thought about who I would really be writing the brochure for, my main focus seemed to focus in on mostly women, but men also, and mostly life development stages, such as age demographics. This does not mean that only certain people can get the disease in an age bracket, but women who are at least 16-18 are at a higher risk then for example a 12 year old. I hope that the impact on the design of the brochure will really impact my public I am trying to reach. The colors will mostly be pink, to work with the “think pink” them for breast cancer, and the pink breat cancer ribbon. The pictures will be appealing to those who have known someone with breast cancer, lost someone to breast cancer, or even have a chance of being part of the startistic that, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The colors will be bright and hopeful, not sad and dark. And the theme is awareness and educating so that hopefully the person who picks up the brochure will take it, read it, go get his/her examination, and also educate or hand the brochure on to someone else.

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Through the use of, each student in our class has been given the opportunity to learn a lecture about photography online. Not only did it introduce to amazing pictures but you were also given background information about the photo’s, and it classified them into different categories to point out things the average person  might not notice. Some of the things that I learned about were the details to a picturel. There are many terms that people in photography use that I was unaware of. For example, images can have multiple elements to them such as, juxtaposition, a mood, layering, surprise, impact, and even a sense of place. There are many more, but these are just a few characteristics that pictures might portray. My favorite type of pictures were the ones categorized under “graphic.” These were interesting to look at because graphics really focus on shapes, lines, and forms. I found a picture under this section very unique and I loved it! The second picture of all the ballet dancers warming up stood out to me. The section that stood out to me most out of the lesson was the concentration of multiple elements. This was new to me, but also really caught my attention. I am astonished that pictures can have so many traits to them, besides being the obvious (light/dark, emotional/non-emotional, time period, etc.) This was interesting to learn, but might take myself a while to learn the different elements to photography. 🙂 Lastly, the part of the lesson I would really dive into if learning about, and appreciate would be the different approaches to a photo. I really enjoy seeing different aspects of stories, views, and also photography. The picture of the birth that is pictured on the website really intrigued me. I think that it is important to capture more than just one viewpoint to an important event. The fact that you can take a picture of a birth and focus in on the mothers point of view, and then take a picture from another angle and focus in on the father’s emotions of being a dad is really neat. I would love to learn more about the different approaches to photography.

Since I did a blog post on photography, I thought I would add in my favorite picture I’ve taken of my dog Sophie, I’m definitely not a professional, but captured her sleeping and tongue out. She always gets to sleep in!

Summer 09 006


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