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Whats to Come!

Hello readers,

     Just to let you know I have not been under a rock, or hiding from my blog. I have been catching up on all sorts of assignments, but I can promise you this; new and exciting things will be posted tomorrow. Please look out for interesting topics and more to come! Thanks for listening.


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Tradebook Review, Groundswell

Click here below for the slideshow from Groundswell. If you view the slideshow on on Slideshare you can see my notes below each side.

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The 10 Most Valuable Things I Got Out of My PR Class

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My Intro to Public Relations course was cancelled and we were required to watch a video that Mrs. Nixon sent us titled “Tribes” by Seth Godin. I was very excited to watch this speaker. I had never heard of this topic of “tribes.” There is a difference in a crowd and a tribe. Seth Godin describes a tribe as a group of people with a connection. They have a common interest or something in common. They come together because they want to and it makes them feel good. He tells us through the video that it is different from a crowd in that a crowd is just a bunch of people. The top three constant tribes that have been tribes for years are:

  1. church
  2. work
  3. community

I found it interesting that blogs are considered tribes. This surprised me. I think that its really neat to see how we can all interact through media. By blogging and following certain people’s blogs we are interacting in a tribe. I loved how he touched on this subject and related it to what we have been doing in class all semester. A fascinating fact is that the tribes theory can work just about anywhere, whether it be a community service group, a sorority, a church youth group, a chess club, or a group of bloggers following each other. All of these organizations have something in common and are passionate about similar things. According to Seth people try to “grow what they have.” There a bunch of people who want to belong and join groups. For any further questions, I would like to know how Seth got into this subject of study. Otherwise, he opened my mind to a new topic that I have found very interesting. Thank you Mrs. Nixon.

To purchase the book Tribes by Seth Godin you can click here.

Here’s Seth’s blog –>

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Another 48 Hours of Twitter

Here’s the thing- Twitter has not yet become an active part of my day. I always forget to check it or even get on the website. Once I do get on my status usually states something along the lines of, (its only 11:00 a.m. and I need another cup of coffee). This of course is not going to provoke many replies from other twittering buddies.

In effort of trying another 48 hours of Twitter, I put more thought into my updates. For instance, this go around, unlike my first experience, I wrote statuses that would naturally ask for a reply. One of my updates I posted was about technology and how mind blowing the advances are with a really fascinating video attached. I got zero responses. I have not recieved much feedback and will probably just use twitter every now and then to follow well-known people I like, and read what kind of things they are doing. It surprises me that so many famous people in entertainment are now using twitter. I would not have expected this.

Overall, I would like to be able to use twitter without confusion. 🙂 I keep having problems sending messages to other people on Twitter. This is my only problem that I have dealt with on the website though.

After following some PR professionals on Twitter these are some of my recommended favorites:

  • Lacie Smith- she graduated from GSU, and is now working for the American Cancer Society in Athens, Ga. I like to follow her on Twitter for her updates on events and facts that help fight cancer.
  • Urkovia Andrews- a PR professor at our college. I have started following her to see if she has any interesting updates on her classes, because more than likely I will have her in the future.
  • Mackenzie Whalen- PR Coordinator for Georgia Aquarium. I knew her when she went to school here at GSU, and look to her Twitter page for intersting PR facts or updates on public relations with her company.

*You can find me on Twitter at


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