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“Fish” the Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller, proved to be an excellent read. Not only did the book instruct a manager or company on how to improve the atmosphere and attitude, but it also gave all the necessary pointers on how to improve the everyday individual’s perception on life and optimistic ways to go about things.

Mary Jane one of the main characters used in the story was a newly widow with two children and a full-time job. She worked at a company called First Guarantee where she was a hard worker and acknowledged by her peers as dedicated. She liked her job and was comfortable in her position in the company. Mary Jane was approached one day and given the position of managing the third floor of her building. This was an honorable offer, but the third floor was the epitome of First Guarantee. The past recent employee’s assigned to help manage the third floor had all been fired in a matter of only a few short years. Mary Jane’s job was to improve the overall attitude and morale of the employee’s and their productivity on the floor three. Not only did she not want this job, she was frightened by it. Mary Jane took a walk on lunch one day to find a fish market full of energy and entertainment. She met a gentleman named Lonnie who ran the “World famous Pike Place Fish market.” They talked and she came to find a friend who listened to her situation and was willing to help. Lonnie taught Mary Jane lessons that she could apply to her own self being and also her new staff. These lessons had been used in the fish market and had shown great results. There were four steps that led to a new environment entirely. They are as follows: Choose Your Attitude, Play, Make Their Day, and Be Present. Lonnie gave Mary Jane all the concepts and instructions to take back to her employees, and she did. Mary Jane held business meetings every week, and presented these simple attitude changing steps to her office. As the weeks went by progression in her staffs morality and the way issues were handled changed optimistically. Mary Jane challenged her staff to a plan. The entire floor split into the four sub-categories and found the best ways to implement them in their office. Due to this not only did the third floor get recognized by the entire company, but they became the most desired instead of least desired floor to work on. Mary Jane and her staff built new relationships that incorporated positive attitudes, a fun playful environment, attention to their customers that was personal and pleasing, and lastly to be there for their customers in a present way making sure their needs were met. The overall aura of the third floor was contagious and turned a dreadful work environment into a place you wanted to be.

The book is an inspirational story that applies to working people but also individuals. We must wake up everyday with the realization that we can have positive attitudes towards life or negative attitudes. These choices not only affect ourselves throughout the day, but will also affect others as well. This book is a wonderful eye opener on this issue that each person has to face everyday. I would recommend it to anyone.

There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.”

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