About Me

I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University. I am expected to graduate in 2010. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. The reason for my blog is for my Public Relations class here at GSU, but hopefully If I become good at blogging it will become a permanent thing. I love being around people. I believe how you spend your time with people and  your building of relationships is one of the most important lessons you will gain in life. I love God, my family, and my friends. My dog Sophie means the world to me. I often drive by cars that have the bumper sticker “I would rather be…”; I fill it in with -relaxing on the beach. I’m currently learning how to cook, and love it! My favorite food is sushi. I am from the south and plan to never leave, except for on vacation. The best time of year is football season! I love tailgaiting and cheerin on the team. Since moving to Georgia I have become a semi-recent fan of the bulldogs. I would rather be outdoors than inside. If I had to choose a favorite singer or band, it would be Dave Matthews hands down. I hope my future home will be somewhere along the coast, and my favorite quote is “Life is Good.” I will talk to just about anyone. I use the word “dang” in ANY dissapointing situation, and even though I read intellectual fiction and nonfiction, I will occasionally pick up a Dr. Seuss favorite every now and then.


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