PR Connection 10: Viral Video for Comm. Arts Dept.

As being a member in Professor Barbara Nixon’s Social Media online course, we were assigned a viral video project. The viral video category my group chose was to focus on the communication arts department at Georgia Southern University. With only a couple of weeks left of school, the attitudes and personalities of students have become, well you could say, antsy. Some are awaiting a summer vacation, others a break from a full load of classes, and then there are those like myself patiently waiting to cross the stage at graduation. As my group thought about the type of video we would make, we decided to do something fun, in the moment, and out of the box. We walked around our building and asked students to dance to a well-known throw back rap song. Now, the funny part is, if we had asked students to do this say the first week of a new semester, most would probably be more timid, shy, and less likely to hop on board for a silly project such as this. But with it being so close to summer, that students can feel classes coming to an end, as they walk along the south Georgia campus in the sweltering hot sun, they are fully ready to let loose. This video was just a fun/silly way to see what students will do this close to the end of a semester.



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6 responses to “PR Connection 10: Viral Video for Comm. Arts Dept.

  1. haha this was awesome! This was a good way to get the students to laugh and have fun! Veazy is not the biggest building on campus, and neither are the class sizes. So, most Comm dept. student can recognize a few if not all of the people on the video. Great way to get people to laugh, have fun, and not take life so seriously..especially with exams around the corner! This made my day.

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  3. Jessica Cameron

    This video had me laughing! One of the only ones that I saw produced from Professor Nixon’s class project that was actually funny! It shows how we all feel about this time of year…CRAZY! With all the final projects and exams piling on, I think it’s good to show the fun side of the communication arts department. Even though we are all stressed out to the max, we all get a little looney sometimes and still have lots of fun! Some of these people in Veazy have become my life savers in more ways than one, but especially in making me laugh when I feel like the only solution in life is to quit school!

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  5. 1.) Kati Ann, Your Viral Video is just what I find humorous in one. I believe that you have captured what makes a viral videos one that people watch numerous times on youtube. People like humor and it is a great way to be recognized.By creating a funny way to get people involved you have brought social media together with humor. People could let loose and have a great time while you could as well while getting school work completed! Glad that you found a way to make school work fun and spread it along with people in Veazey Hall. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Kati Ann,
    I had such a great time creating this viral video even though we had some technical difficulties when we were filming it. I have talked/ overheard a few people talk about our video throughout Veazy over the past few weeks. Today, overheard a few people in the lobby at Veazy talking about our video and how funny it was. Also, Mrs. Andrews also came up to me and talked about how funny our video was. I think it could definitely be used as a promotional tool for our department. Hopefully they got some back!! –haha. Just kidding.

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