PR Connection 9: Kate Gosselin and Dancing?

Who hasn’t heard about the scandals and behind closed-door happenings at the Gosselin’s house, right? We all have. After the split and divorce of Jon and Kate the media has been ever so willing to be best friends with both Kate and Jon. Although, their situation is different from most, being that they have eight children, and shared most of their life through a reality TV show on TLC for five years, Jon and Kate are both just human. The publicity and light skyrocketed after the allegations of affairs and such back in 2009. The image that Jon and Kate showed to the media were both quite different.

Kate Gosselin has now written a book which will be released shortly titled, “I just want you to know: Letters to my Kids on Love, Faith, and Family.” Not only has she written another book, but rumors are that TLC will be bringing back the show, but now featuring, “Kate plus 8.” Is it true, I’m really not sure. The latest with Kate Gosselin besides her book and getting a post divorce life back in order, she appeared on TV show, “Dancing with the Stars.” As she danced her way through the competition week after week, she never lost sight of her kids. Although, Kate may not have been the competitor with the best talent when it came to dancing, she gave it her best. Quoted here, from DWTS Exclusive, at E Online, Kate says, “I want my kids to see that there are scary things in life, but if someone else can do it, you can do it, too.”

Although she has been through a lot in the past year, Kate has really held up an image in my opinion that is strong, positive, and truly insightful.



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10 responses to “PR Connection 9: Kate Gosselin and Dancing?

  1. I have had so many back and forth opinions about Jon and Kate. But, I have to agree, she is creating a better image for herself these days. Honestly though, my parents raised 7 kids, not all at once, but neverless, kids are expensive. I can’t help but think that everytime they are in the news, they are just “working”. I wish she would have used her publicity to start a career, instead of being some-what of a celebrity. I had heard that Jon was trying to get the kids back on claims that she is never there, dancing with the stars and book tours. Once again, I think Jon see $, child support is expensive. I also thought Jon didn’t “want the kids to exploited on TV anymore”. Who knows, fame seems to be very addicting.

  2. I think it is great that you noticed all the public relations going around with Kate Gossilen and addressed it in this blog post. I would have never known that she was coming out with a new book if you would have not posted it. I have seen her on “Dancing with the Stars,” and she has been receiving a lot of publicity about this. If it is that she is mean on set, can’t dance, or even the harsh words that she is leaving her kids unattained at home. Sad story is she did get kicked off the dancing show last night as of April 20, 2010. Maybe another good blog post could be about her short dancing experience haha.

  3. micaelacarter

    Kati Ann,
    After reading your post about Kate and her being on the show Dancing With the Stars, I will have to say that I completely agree with you. She has remained positive and strong during the hard ridicule from the media and press. I bet she just wants everyone to leave her alone and her kids alone. But at the same time, she kind of brought this upon herself by ever agreeing to do a reality TV show to begin with. I do not think just because she chose to do a reality show that she should lose her kids during the custody battle.

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  5. Hey Kati Ann,
    I had no idea that Kate Gosselin had written a book. From a public relations stand, I think that appearing on dancing with the stars was a good change for her. I agree with you about what you said about she has upheld a very strong, positive, and truly insightful image throughout her family controversy. The worst thing about their controversy is that it has been broadcasted all over the media sites and her ex-husband John made such a fuss about everything. I read recently how he was claiming she was a bad mother for even participating on the show.

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  7. Jessica Cameron

    I am so glad Kate stayed on Dancing with the Stars as long as she did. I wanted her to be better than she was so she could make it even longer. She has done such a good job of presenting herself well in the public after all that she has gone through with John and the kids. She looks great and she seemed to hold herself together well, even when she found out she was getting kicked off the show. I want her to do well and get her and her kids out of the public eye for a little while.

  8. laurenashleylee

    Poor Kate. It was painful to watch her dance. I feel like she should stay away from reality television and provide for her children in other ways. Surely TV is not the only way for her to bring in an income for these sweet kids.

    I think this is a great blog and was enjoyable to read. Thanks for posting.

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