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PR Connection 9: Kate Gosselin and Dancing?

Who hasn’t heard about the scandals and behind closed-door happenings at the Gosselin’s house, right? We all have. After the split and divorce of Jon and Kate the media has been ever so willing to be best friends with both Kate and Jon. Although, their situation is different from most, being that they have eight children, and shared most of their life through a reality TV show on TLC for five years, Jon and Kate are both just human. The publicity and light skyrocketed after the allegations of affairs and such back in 2009. The image that Jon and Kate showed to the media were both quite different.

Kate Gosselin has now written a book which will be released shortly titled, “I just want you to know: Letters to my Kids on Love, Faith, and Family.” Not only has she written another book, but rumors are that TLC will be bringing back the show, but now featuring, “Kate plus 8.” Is it true, I’m really not sure. The latest with Kate Gosselin besides her book and getting a post divorce life back in order, she appeared on TV show, “Dancing with the Stars.” As she danced her way through the competition week after week, she never lost sight of her kids. Although, Kate may not have been the competitor with the best talent when it came to dancing, she gave it her best. Quoted here, from DWTS Exclusive, at E Online, Kate says, “I want my kids to see that there are scary things in life, but if someone else can do it, you can do it, too.”

Although she has been through a lot in the past year, Kate has really held up an image in my opinion that is strong, positive, and truly insightful.


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