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TOW 13: Viral Video’s, What it is about them?

My question dealing with the topic of viral video’s is, what is it that makes people watch them? What entices us? What exactly makes a video more popular than another? Well that is what I’m covering today. A viral video is defined as, “A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email. Viral videos often contain humorous content and include televised comedy sketches.” This definition comes from Wikipedia.

Obviously, the “what” behind a video is how interesting they are. When they catch the eye of an individual, the objective if striving for popularity numbers is reaching a wide audience. One of my favorite viral video’s can be found at youtube.com and is titled, “David after Dentist.” This video got so many hits, and quickly in the past year became one of the most popular video’s on the website. Why? It’s funny. It’s a video of a father and son, (David) after a trip to David’s dentist. In the video David obviously had some pain medicine, probably laughing gas, and discusses how he feels with his dad in the car after leaving the dentist office. The child is very funny along with the David’s dad.

Video’s such as the one I just mentioned, become popular for their own little reasons and have been mimicked and used for entertainment on shows, such as, Saturday Night Live. There have been cases where people become “semi-famous” through posting a video. Just look at Justin Beiber, the newest hit amongst teen girls.

I’m not exactly sure what the ultimate answer is to what entices people when it comes to viral video’s, but its something interesting to share with a friend or co-worker. When my friends have found something they want me to watch on youtube, they will usually copy the url, and post it to my facebook wall. The topic becomes great conversation, and other friends will watch it as they see a video posted on my wall.

To leave you in this discussion today, I posted one of my favorite viral video’s below. The video clip is of a little girl who is not quite old enough to read, but read’s a book full of kitten pictures based on what these kittens are doing. It’s very funny, and weird at the same time. The video is titled “kittens inspired by kittens.”


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