PR Connection 8: Beauty going all Natural?

What defines beauty? Our definitions of beauty change from person to person. I believe culture has had a huge impact in shaping our minds into how we see beauty and others. It’s evident when you look at our models and celebrities, that beauty on the “outside,” is important. Its a part of their job, to stay in shape, and “pretty.” But is this all that defines beauty? I would have to disagree. A couple years back Dove put on a campaign to sell their products and redefine beauty in a natural and yet positive light. They took natural everyday people, and showed how beautiful they really are. They are striving to change the way the world looks at woman, and one of their strong focuses is on younger women. If you start teaching your daughter at a young age the real importance of beauty, the chance that they will believe they are beautiful without looking like, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, or Heidi Klum are actually likely. Our world has become very caught up in image, and has forgotten much of what makes a person beautiful. The reason I mentioned Dove’s Campaign is because they have a rockin’ PR team. Much like Jessica Simpson’s these days.

Jessica Simpson has been through some issues this past year. It was not long ago that magazines everywhere were accusing her of being “too fat.” She now has a new show out called, “Price of Beauty.” Jessica along with friends are participating in this reality TV show, where they travel to all sorts of different cultures and places and find out what true beauty means to these people. Jessica just recently went “untouched” in the latest issue of Marie Claire Magazine. She is photographed wearing absolutely no make-up. This is bold, not something celebrities are willing to do these days. After I saw the issue and read through the article, I thought wow, someone of her pr team, has got her on the right track. This image sets her a part from many others, and is highly respectable if you ask me.


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2 responses to “PR Connection 8: Beauty going all Natural?

  1. MeghanSpillers

    I think the Dove commercials are great! In our generation, young girls are under so much pressure to be “perfect”. Eating disorders start so much younger now than when we were in school. It’s really sad actually. Celebrities have so many people to make them beautiful for events and photo shoots, and I don’t think children understand the art of airbrushing. I think it’s great that Jessica Simpson did the Marie Claire cover without make-up. She’s a great role model in my opinion. Throughout her career, she has always been comfortable with herself. Thumbs up to her PR team. She’s definitely on a great track!

  2. Love your blog post Kati Ann! I have been following Jessica Simpson’s show and I say rock on! She has been through a lot and I think she is on the right track with this show that she has and trying to find inner beauty. I also have to agree with the Dove campaign. I love them. After the first one aired a couple super bowls ago I wanted to cry because the commercial was so sweet and I wanted to donate money right away. Society can have a distorted image of beauty, but people have to realize that it is what we teach the younger generation that can change how people view beauty. With campaigns like Dove’s and shows like Jessica Simpson’s seems like we are on the right track.

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