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Weekly Topic: Internship Advice

I’m a bit timid of writing a post about internship advice, when I haven’t actually completed an internship yet. I have full intentions of doing my internship this summer, but when I sat down and thought about it, I really do not have hands on experience in this topic. So, I went to people who did. I first found a website that seems to offer a lot of different information pertaining to internships. Its called wetfeet.com . This is a place where undergraduates and graduates can go to find out advice on internships and look into different employers who may be offering an open position. I found an article on the website that fit perfectly with the discussion topic. Its titled, “Confessions of an Intern,” written by Liz Seasholtz. She is completely honest, and its a really good article. Most of the articles you read mention things like research your internship position and ask questions. This article not only talks about the importance of asking questions, but other sticky topics, such as, how much you should drink at a business function. Its definitely unique, which is why I picked this article as an example, to help readers out.

As I myself have not completed an intern I went to two people that have.

Allie Burrow, recent graduate of Georgia Southern University, interned for a couple of different companies after college, one being the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Her advice for those just embarking on an internship is to get your hands wet. Be yourself, and let your “boss” know exactly what you are looking to get out of the experience. Allie loves social media and wanted to share the love and growth of social media through her company. This is exactly what she did. Make sure you do what you like, and help the company out with your strengths. In the end, both you and the company will grow!

Lauren Nesselroad, current student at Gainesville State, in Athens, Georgia. She interned with CNN out of Atlanta, Ga. Lauren could not stressed enough the importance of networking. The way Lauren got the position was through networking. “It was the best thing I ever learned.” Lauren will not only carry this lesson throughout college, but well into her future job searches and career. “Talking with anyone and everyone seems to be the best chance you can take, because you never know who you are going to meet.”

Hopefully, hearing from both these sources will give us future interns the advice we need to make the best our of our experience.

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