TOW 9: What PR OpenMic has to offer to PR students and recent grads

There are so many websites available for “public relations people” today, but one that really rocks, in my opinion is PR Open Mic. The site is available for PR students, professors, and practitioners. It’s a great way to communicate idea’s and facts about pr issues and much more. The website offers information on jobs and internships, which is a huge advantage for those of us looking for an internship position or job in our field of choice. Offered on PR Open Mic , are blogs, forums, video’s, photo’s, events, and a search engine catered to people interested in internships or jobs in public relations. The site gives those interested in the same type of work, a way to communicate and stay in touch with people around the world, that you may have never had the chance to meet. This communication offers the user a chance to learn from others, connect, and even share their experiences and knowledge. The site is growing tremendously. PR Open Mic currently has over 6,000 members, which these members are made up of people from over 70 countries. The opportunity to connect seems endless. I have found the website to be beneficial when looking for blog posts on issues dealing with the working life in public relations, other students who have written about their intern experiences, and tips on how to manage your portfolio. I even recently uploaded my resume to the site. After looking over the site I came across a blog today that really backed up just how important it is to use the resources we have, such as, PR Open Mic. The post written by a pr student in college talks about the importance of networking. Thank you Margaret Sullivan for letting me share your article as an example for my classmates and others who might be reading. Below is Margaret Sullivan’s article titled, “The Importance of Networking,” which can be found on the PR Open Mic website as well.

The Importance of NetworkingPosted by Margaret Sullivan on April 19, 2010 at 2:17am
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Between my classes and my personal life, I feel like the importance of networking has been constantly stressed. Of course I have taken this into deep consideration throughout the years, but have just recently realized exactly how much it helps to reach out and submerge yourself in various organizations and situations that will allow for that one (or several) opportunity that could make a huge difference. More importantly, I have just realized exactly how much networking pays off.

For the past couple of years, I have felt a calling to work for and raise awareness for a children’s hospital. The work done for the hospitals is incredibly moving and I hope to one day be able to call PR and foundation work for both my job and passion, but getting to that point isn’t always the easiest thing. This summer, I am thrilled to have a small internship with Athens Regional Foundation. Because I have several other things going on this summer in Athens, the simple exposure to an established foundation program will hopefully prepare me for a future career in a similar field. I was so thrilled to have this opportunity arise, but it never would have without strong networking ties.

Throughout the past several months, I have been lucky enough to get to know a young woman who has gone on the exact career path that I hope to begin after graduation. She worked with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) doing fundraising promotions and has since moved to Albany, Georgia, to work with the major gifts department of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Getting to know her on both a personal and professional level and continuing to nurture the overall relationship benefitted me in ways that I am incredibly gracious for. This woman has boosted my networking web by mentioning my name, sending out my resume, and making phone calls to the people that she worked with at CHOA and other state-wide hospital conventions. Her kind efforts paired with my hard work have opened doors that I couldn’t imagine doing alone.

Aside from the little bit of networking that I have begun to build personally, the process of internship-searching has truly made me realize that networking as a whole makes everything in the working world much smoother. I am fully confident in my resume, but believe that recommendations and guidance from a mentor or professional allow for countless opportunities within the working world. Seeing how a little bit of networking can assist in so many ways has opened my eyes and taught me to grasp every potential contact that I come across in order to broaden all aspects of my life.


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One response to “TOW 9: What PR OpenMic has to offer to PR students and recent grads

  1. Hey Kati Ann,
    I completely agree with you about PR Open Mic being one of those websites that Rocks! The information that is posted on the website is so informative and helpful to me. A lot of the information seems to be catered towards public relations students and I think this is because it was created at a university. Because of this class I am a follower of the website and I love that it offers so many different things like the ones that you listed in your post. I am positive that this is one PR site that I will be following after graduation.

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