TOW 8: Podcasts: How PR majors benefit from listening

Some of you might not know what a podcast is. I know that I had an idea a couple of years ago, but wasn’t exactly sure myself. In simple terms, its audio content that is found online. It can be in the form of audio or video. To give you an image of what it is, it’s very similar to radio on demand, but with more options. For instance, you can download a podcast, save it and listen to it at your convenience. Through the the use of Ipods, you can take that podcast with you, technically, anywhere. People can just participate in the listening aspect of podcast availability, or make your own. Pretty neat right?
Podcasts are being used all around the world now, in fact its hard to not find a social media site that doesn’t carry some sort of podcast on it.
As a Public Relations major, there are tons of beneficial podcasts available. They’re available not only to (pr) majors, but to students in a number of majors. Many podcasts you must subscribe to or purchase at places, such as, Not only do podcasts related to public relations give you information on social media, interviews, working in public relations, but even how to make a podcast for beginners. A website that I found interesting and beneficial for PR majors is A big thanks to Terry Fallis and David Jones for providing weekly podcasts on public relations issues out of Canada, I have found many conversations and discussions beneficial. You should definetely check it out.



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2 responses to “TOW 8: Podcasts: How PR majors benefit from listening

  1. marilynpr

    Podcasts sounds like a really good idea, although I have to admit I have not actually listened to one before; I really should get on that. Thanks for the website I am definitely going to check it out. That’s also interesting to know that even we, as students, are capable of making our own podcast and having our voices heard. I think that is one of the best part of media such as podcasts because it give voice to the public and allows because to give and take from topics they are interested in. I’ll have to download some on my iTunes soon!

  2. I enjoyed reading your explanation on Podcast. You really did a great job of explaining them. Like you a very short time ago I knew nothing about them. For a person who did not know anything about them I believe that you did a great job in explaining them. I also would like to thank you for that website. I took a look at it after I read the post and I too believe that it could be extremely beneficial to PR students. Though I loved your blog post, I must say that your cartoon at the top really added something! That is too funny!

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