Transformation of Groundswell: Ch. 10-12

     To wrap up and end the discussion of the last three chapters of the book, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, authors Bernoff and Li focus on the transformation. The key points were the relationship transformation that will take place between companies and the consumer. Companies are not the only one’s out there marketing or honing in on a product, the market is being driven mostly by consumers. Through the use of social technology, “word of mouth,” has really taken on a new role.

     As topics are being discussed daily even hourly through the Internet, companies must be aware and participate in these discussions. As I’ve posted earlier in the past reading notes, not all things said will be positive commentary from those offering up their opinions about a certain company or product, but it should be words that are valued by the company. This type of free insight into your consumers minds can better help you than hurt you. Be willing to communicate by monitoring social sites, and listen. In the end, you’ll probably know a lot more than what you did before, and come out feeling as if you know how to better cater to your consumers as well.


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