TOW 7: Foursquare

How many of us have given in and tried a game found on social media sites? I have. The well-known Facebook games, such as, “Farmville” and “fishville” have similarities to Foursquare. Foursquare is used mostly through droid, blackberry, and iPhones. It is a game based around a city, in which you can “explore.” You are able to “go” to different areas in a city, (cafe’s, restaurants, and bar’s), and earn points by updating your location. You can follow people and let them follow you. Not only that but places can be recommended by others to you.

There are really neat benefits but also downfalls. It can benefit you if you find a new place, visit it multiple times, and invite friends to come to the location too. By doing this you can earn points, and even become a “regular,” “most “loyal,” or even the “mayor.” Businesses can follow you and reward you for visiting frequently, and by doing this it benefits the businesses by bringing in more “customers.”

The downfall to being involved in this game, is that it tracks your steps. People know where you when you update your status. This can be a little ridiculous and possibly on the lines of becoming too personal. Do you really want people to know where you’re at, at all times, just for points or a game. Yes, I do agree that its pretty catchy and a good idea, but it definitely resembles that show “Big Brother,” to a point where I’m not sure if I would want to get caught up in this sort of game.


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  1. I could not agree more with you about four square. It seems like a great and catchy idea, but do you really want someone to know where you are all the time? Four square seems to have gathered a strong following from people and they are embracing it with open arms. I would too, but I completely agree with the whole people knowing your every step. The best feature about the application that I see is if you are in an area and finding out places that people recommend. Especially is you trust that person’s opinion. Another great feature is that people can recommend places, but they can also spread the word of bad areas around town that one would not want to be caught up in.

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