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PR Connection 6: HAPPO

I discovered this website randomly and boy was I glad that I did. It is titled “HAPPO,” which stands for “Help a PR Pro Out.” This website is loaded with inspirational stories and tips for Public Relations People. The website offers events and features that will get the PR professional up and out the door to success. Such programs, such as, “Help a PR Pro Out Day is designed to help connect PR job seekers with employers looking for top talent.” How great is this? They are offering the opportunity to connect with people from places all over America from Atlanta to San Fransisco.
Although the website is still growing, the potential that it offers is great. There are sections on the site to list job openings and discussion. People have listed their stories of success on finding a job through simple networking, aka social media. As I was wondering through the website to see what all was available I stumbled across an interesting video that I thought I would post for this topic. Alec Biedrzycki has created a untraditional way of writing a cover letter and resume. Its very creative and super funny. Its worth taking a look it. Thanks HAPPO and Alec for letting me share this on my blog.

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PR Connection 5: Going ZTA Alumni

I will be entering the Zeta Alum world. I came to college not knowing one person at Georgia Southern. I decided to rush my freshman year as a chance to get to know other girls. After doing this I became apart of Zeta Tau Alpha, which has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve gotten the opportunity to become involved, hold leadership positions, meet wonderful people, and sisters who I now call best friends. After four years, its hard to believe that it has to come to an end.

Holding positions in my sorority has really helped me through my major. For four years I’ve been involved in many events and fundraisers, supporting the college and local community. I would have never thought going into the sorority that it would benefit me in the future with my choice of study. Being a public relations major, I have been educated on event planning, communications, fundraising, crisis management skills, and much more. Throughout this journey I look back and am so thankful for the experience that I encountered that have come hand in hand with what I hope to do in the future with my degree.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures that remind me of some great times with wonderful people that I will never forget! Alumni here I come! 🙂

Here’s a link to the Georgia Southern Zeta Xi chapter website. http://studentorg.georgiasouthern.edu/zta/

Not just sisters but best friends

Not just sisters but best friends


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TOW 7: Foursquare

How many of us have given in and tried a game found on social media sites? I have. The well-known Facebook games, such as, “Farmville” and “fishville” have similarities to Foursquare. Foursquare is used mostly through droid, blackberry, and iPhones. It is a game based around a city, in which you can “explore.” You are able to “go” to different areas in a city, (cafe’s, restaurants, and bar’s), and earn points by updating your location. You can follow people and let them follow you. Not only that but places can be recommended by others to you.

There are really neat benefits but also downfalls. It can benefit you if you find a new place, visit it multiple times, and invite friends to come to the location too. By doing this you can earn points, and even become a “regular,” “most “loyal,” or even the “mayor.” Businesses can follow you and reward you for visiting frequently, and by doing this it benefits the businesses by bringing in more “customers.”

The downfall to being involved in this game, is that it tracks your steps. People know where you when you update your status. This can be a little ridiculous and possibly on the lines of becoming too personal. Do you really want people to know where you’re at, at all times, just for points or a game. Yes, I do agree that its pretty catchy and a good idea, but it definitely resembles that show “Big Brother,” to a point where I’m not sure if I would want to get caught up in this sort of game.

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