PR Connection 4: Tiger Woods

Back in November of 2009, Tiger Woods came face to face with media, but not the type any individual would want. Woods was seen in a different light than ever before. The once well-known golf genius, was now recognized as a “liar.” Through rumors and interviews with former mistresses, and the lack of Woods response to the media, his position in the public was portrayed very negatively. The media jumped all over this case, as people tweeted, posted on blogs, and made their opinions well known.

As Tiger Woods decided to stay out of the public and media as much as possible to try and protect his privacy, the rumors and opinions kept growing. It wasn’t until February 19, 2010, that Woods spoke out about his situation at a press conference. Here he made a public apology, which in turn caused more uproar. People were accusing Woods apology to be fake and careless. People didn’t feel that the apology met the standards they were expecting.

In my opinion, Tiger Woods needed a really good PR team. As someone in the light of entertainment you cannot always expect things to go your way. He obviously did not think he would get caught, but when you do, you need help building back that reputation amongst the public. During the time period of silence, many rumors went rapid, along with the media tracking down anyone and everyone who might know information about the story. Instead of avoiding a problem, I believe he needed a crisis team to help him through the period of silence.



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2 responses to “PR Connection 4: Tiger Woods

  1. I am glad that you addressed the issue of Tiger Woods on one of your connections. In this scandal I believe a Public Relation team would have to be extremely strong and good at what they do to keep Tiger’s image up to par (little golf joke .) He had some a strong image before and was golf’s golden boy. With something like this it makes it hard for people to trust him again, which is an important quality in life and in golf. Since this post Tiger did compete in the Master’s and finished in the top five. I guess it is a person’s opinion if they want to still pull for him or not. Either way he is obviously still good at what he does.

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