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katiann4710 Says:
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1. Emily,
After reading through your professional interview, there were a few things that really stood out. One, is that she admitted there is a ton of writing involved. I must say that hearing multiple professors tell you over and over again that it is key and important can get exhausting after a while, but hearing it from someone who isn’t saying it to students day in and day out seems to strike a student’s (mine personally) attention. It was interesting that not only did she mention the obvious press releases and emails, but that she talked about twitter. It’s amazing to know what we do with our classes including twitter posts will possibly be used in our future careers. And second, what I found most intriguing was the amount of time she spend talking about technology. It’s interesting that PR professionals now are hiring new starters in PR for their ability and knowledge of technology and social media. I guess it’s a good thing we’ve gotten our practice, right?

2. Brittany,
I took a look at this link and read a little here and there about how the job market is looking especially for those of us looking for a job in public relations. The statistics weren’t amazing, but eye-opening and definitely enouraging from previous numbers. They had some really neat tips and advice on the post, such as, your first day on the job. That’s something that hadn’t really crossed my mind yet, since I’m still in the process of searching for a job, but it was good to read. Thanks for the website link, and we graduate in 2 weeks!
-Kati Ann

3. Meghan,
I enjoyed your own personal definition of social media. The word “change” is one of the most exciting, yet scary words in my vocabulary as well. As we approach graduation, just know change can be for the better. You can and will do great things!

4. Kacie,
This was a great post. I love how you took such a daily tool, such as, social media and applied it to something that really interests you. Being that you yourself are wedding planning, (how exciting) this was a really neat post to read. I agree that people can use social media as a real asset to help them plan for their weddings, I mean why not? People have started using social media for parties and events of all sorts, it would only make sense that those bride or groom to be’s would use this as an advantage. Just last weekend I was in my best friends wedding, and being that it was a pretty large wedding party the bride created a group on facebook to keep the wedding party updated on future events. It was basically a go-to calendar in case we had any questions. She was her own wedding planner and had made the itinerary and posted it to the group as well. It all was found to be very helpful. Thanks for your post- very interesting!
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5. Jessica,
First of all thank you so much for letting me use this post for my “guest blogger.” I thought that this post would really stand out to my readers, especially those reading who are curently job hunting. The tips for getting yourself out there are very helpful, and I totally agree 100%. I think that each pr graduate should have their own blog and be writing in it, so show a possible employer that they have writing abilities, and idea’s that deal with our field of study. I also agree with the fact that too much information can be a pitfall. If content on a page such as, facebook, is inappropriate, don’t make this available for a possible employer to read. The other day when we were talking about internship interviews and you said that you walked into an office of your social media sites posted about, it could have been a horrible experience for something to be pulled up that would in any way hurt your chances of getting the position. Branding is key these days. Thanks for the helpful post!
-Kati Ann

6. Micaela,
I’m so glad you had Meghan on as one of your guest bloggers, as I did as well. I remember having this discussion with her about the “game” of foursquare, as we made our podcast on all issues covering foursquare. It really is a neat tool to use, but is crazy to thing that someone could be following your every move if they really wanted to. I have not yet joined although I look at the website all the time. Being that I don’t have internet on my cell phone really puts a damper on some of these tools, but I think its worth trying. Who doesn’t want to receive free offers or coupons available through companies or businesses you frequent often!

7. Jessica,
I enjoyed this post and video very much! I loved the fact that you went and captured PRSSA actively holding a fundraiser in the community, super cool! The video was really cute and informative, but most importantly showed those of us that are not a part of the organziation what PRSSA does “hands on.” I’m so glad you posted this and captured it for those of us who could not attend. Thanks!
-Kati Ann

8. Allie is one of my dearest friends, and I loved reading this. We actually earlier today had a conversation via facebook chat, over the growing trends in social media. I sent her a link to my blog and asked her to read some of the issues I had been talking about through my posts. Allie loved them. She couldn’t agree more with the way things have changed due to social media. As she said in her interview its what got her the job she has now. I discussed with her the trends in social media and the question of will it ever end. Is this a fad? We both came to an agreement that it has made so many changes in so many types of venues and people that we believe there is no turning back. I really enjoyed reading her interview. Thank Micaela for posting it.
-Kati Ann

9. Jeremy,
This is great! I laughed very hard when I saw this video. There might not be anything better than a little boy singing Lady GaGa in his tighty whities, and mickey mouse t-shirt. You’re right, what an impact she has on america’s tweens. I’m glad I found this and glad you posted it as a “PR Connection” for our social media class. Poor little guy might regret these types of decisions when entering college. Thanks for the laugh!
-Kati Ann

10. Mackenzie,
I loved this post. It seemed so honest and inspirational. I love the part where you talked about staying motivated and how you feel that the people you are surrounded by in your classes are motivated individuals as well. I have to say that the peers in our major really do step it up! I am constantly if not being challenged by our Public Relations professors, the students. I feel like many of the people I sit next to are always asking awesome questions and ready to learn and tackle new advances in our education, which will make them ultimately a 2.0 student. It’s so important to be keeping up with social media and whats going on currently in our environments. This is what companies are now looking for, and I feel like our classmates are just the people who know how to provide the experience. Thanks for this post.
-Kati Ann

11. James,
I loved the video you found to accompany your post. It wasn’t too long or too short, and was simple enough for someone not actively involved in social media, (just yet). It becomes so very simple when someone realizes the opportunity they can gain from being a part of a social network. Just by being a part of a network can lead you to possibilities one might have never encountered if they had not chosen to join, facebook or linkedin. I agree with what you said there at the end, that its all about customizing the message to the network you are using. And lucky for us, the networks have differentiated themselves so that you can customize a message and it look and be maybe perceived differently when reading it on one site as compared to another.
-Kati Ann

12. Lauren,
We have all heard it, but does it really sink in? I have asked myself this. I have a facebook account, and love it! I’m on it constantly and could possibly be called a “fb addict.” I love social networking. Its important though, as you mentioned in this post to keep in mind all of the eyes that will be looking at your profile. Even if you have privacy settings on your networking sites, it seems to me that if once on the internet, always on the internet. People must be careful, becaue one little thing could truly cost them their reputation or represent their character in a false way. I sometimes even question things that others have written on my facebook wall that I had no control over, and wonder if the wrong person might see something at the wrong time. The market is just too competitive right now for something so small and insignificant such as a facebook photo or comment to keep you from landing a job. Better safe than sorry!
-Kati Ann

13. Lauren,
I am so glad you found this post on Kelsey’s blog and posted it yourself. I found it very interesting to read. I love the campaign, “Spread the Word to End the Word.” I fully support this, and agree that the word is politically incorrect, and used in wrong contexts all the time. I have to admit that I do watch a few of the celebrities mentioned above in the article, and just because they have said the word has not made me turn my back to watching their talk show. For example, I enjoy watching Chelsea Handler. She makes me laugh, but i do not approve of her language at times. The use of the word “retard,” should be taken more seriously than it is by individuals. I have worked with special olympics in my past, and it hurts me very much to see people throw around a word so hurtful without thinking twice about it. Thanks for posting such an interesting campaign topic.
-Kati Ann

14. Jeff,
Although many of us have heard what is appropriate and not appropriate its still a great thing to review. I was reading over some of the attire options and had forgotten what color panty hose females should wear. haha! Just being honest- but sometimes these things come as good reminders. I loved reading your helpful section on tips of what not to wear, do, or bring to an interview. Very funny, and as shocking as it may be some people I’m sure bring these items in. Thanks for the detailed post, I enjoyed reading it.
-Kati Ann

15. Emily,
Let me just say, I am glad you brought this topic up for discussion in a post. I don’t know what the new trend is, but it seems as though “sex therapy” is the new fad. We all know that cheating has been going on for ages, and that its not something new or rare, but I would have to say that after the Tiger Woods scandal, other have followed in the sex therapy footsteps. I tend to wonder if they think this will make them appear to be a more stable person after partaking in the acts they chose to do? Are PR people telling them this is a good way to save their character, since they are considered famous and will be in the spotlight anyways? I’m just guessing here. If I took a wild guess, I would assume that celebrities PR people have had some say in the situation and possibly encouraged the therapy. If I were working for someone who had chosen to follow in the pattern of adultery, I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t suggest the therapy as well.
-Kati Ann

16. Meghan,
Thank you so much for alowing me to be a part of your blog! I really enjoyed writing that post, as I felt that it was interesting to see all of the different types of scenario’s and definitions people came up with when describing social media in only 140 characters. My picture of the Chick-fil-a billboard represents just how important it is to fill in key words in a small space so that it, 1. catches your readers eye and 2. your reader can read it!
Its hard driving down the road and trying to read catching advertisements and billboards at the same time. I felt like this compared to twitter in many similar situations. When one is posting something of importance to a broad audience in 140 characters, they must choose their words wisely. Thanks again for sharing my thoughts with your people.
-Kati Ann

17. Comment on Meghan Beytagh’s Blog: Still awaiting confirmation.

18. Lauren,
I highly enjoyed this post. It took me back to many childhood memories of playing in my room with multiple barbies fantasicing about the perfect life with Ken. Haha, sometimes I wish I could go back to that carefree, and imaginary world. But, as far as campaigns goes, this was so interesting. I loved it! How fun would this have been to be able to be on a campaign team to help the legendary “Barbie” celebrate her Birthday, with style and elegance, for Barbie fans around the world. What girl wouldn’t love a job like this? Thanks for the entertaining post, it cracked me up.
-Kati Ann

19. Lauren,
This is a great post. It is so simple and easy to understand. I feel like anyone can catch on and not make these mistakes when it comes to social media. I found number 3 pretty funny. You don’t need to have a crisis communication meeting the moment a negative comment is made about your company. haha! If a meeting took place everytime this happened, I feel like companies would be in meetings all day. Out of these tips, i felt like the most important advice was to not let someone else take control over your blog or networking site. It’s very important that the person signed in wants to be there, and want to communicate with their audience. It would also probably get very confusing sharing an account with say a co-worker and having to figure out what had been responded to and what was still left to address. Thanks for finding this. Why can’t all things be this simple?
-Kati Ann

20. Damara,
I happened to stumble across this post and I just wanted to say kudo’s to you! I really enjoyed reading it. I myself am an active volunteer and love every minute of it. I believe there is no better way to give back, than to find something you really care about or are interested in and pay it forward. You know whats funny is, I’m a volunteer and I didn’t even realize it was National Volunteer Week, until I read this post. A great way to inform people of places in the area was listing local venues for volunteer opportunity. Thanks for the information.
-Kati Ann

21. Meghan,
Thanks for posting this video. This summer I have to hold an internship position. So, even though I have not completed my internship yet, I found this video helpful for future encounters. I loved how he broke down what you need to do into 3 easy steps. You are right about using what we have learned through social media this semester, and using it in the future. Throughout this video he discusses twitter. There are so many options out there for ways to network and connect with people, we just have to be willing to reach out and take advantage of the opportunity. Thanks for sharing.
-Kati Ann

22. Matt,
After I heard about this tragedy on the news, I was in shock. It was such a sad story, being that the Sea World worker was just doing her job. This could happen to any of the whale trainers. It just so happened to be a horrible event that can’t be taken back. My sympathy goes out to the family and friends of this victim. I would have to say looking at this situation through a public relations stand point, I think that Sea World is doing a good job of recovery from this event. I am pleased that they have closed down the parks for a few days, and I heard that they will not be allowing trainers in the water with the whales anymore either? I’m not sure if that was a rumor, but if it’s not, I would support the fact that they are taking precautios measures to protect future accidents from occuring.
-Kati Ann

23. Meg,
I had forgotten about this video until I saw it posted on your blog. Information Overload… this shocked me the day I saw it. I remember I was sitting in a international studies lecture and our professor had told us he found something very interesting that he thought we should all be exposed to. I think the expression of my face was priceless after watching these statistics. My mouth completely dropped. Our generation so far, has experienced a ton of growth in technology and the way things are run, with social media. To believe that facebook has such a large fanbase and community, blows my mind. The video can be shocking and scary, but at the same time motivational. I’m glad you posted this, it had been a while since I first saw it.
-Kati Ann

24. Eryn,
How awesome is this! I wish I would have known about the career fair, because it sounds like you got tons out of going. I agree with you and the interest you have in sports pr. I think that it would be such a fun environment to go into work everyday. I love sports, and all of the teams that you mentioned in the post are great teams. I would love to hear more about it. Are they looking for hiring for positions other than internships?
Sounds like you had a great experience and good luck with finding what you want to do!
-Kati Ann

25. Jessica,
I myself also put together some major fundraisers and events for our sorority while I was the philanthropy chair. It can take so much out of a college student to pull something like this off, but in the end it is so very worthwhile. I applaud you on taking on the postition two years in a row, and just because you didn’t raise your goal amount the second year doesn’t mean you can’t shoot for a great goal the next year and strive to reach it again. War of the Wings is an awesome event! I haven’t been able to make it these past couple of years, but did when I first got down to Statesboro. Keep up the good work, and just remember the experience is something you will take with you going into the world of pr.
-Kati Ann

26. Jessica,
What a cool opportunity. For a business that has only been open for a couple of years this is great publicity for them. I’m sure it was fun being in on the scene’s or inside scoop since you work there. I haven’t had a chance to watch this new show on Lifetime, but if I do I’ll make sure to look for your restaurant.
-Kati Ann

27. Jessica,
I understand where you are coming from. Vienna was disliked by so many that watched last season of “The Bachelor.” I would have to say that I myself too, didn’t want Vienna to win Jake’s heart, but I think we all deep down knew it was coming. As far as recruitment for next year, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. The girls going through cannot base their opinion or judgements off of one girl. And if they do, well then they aren’t the smartest at making decisions. Our sorority questioned the same issue when our own chapter member Mindy Finny went on the reality TV show, “Mama’s Boys.” Similar to the Bachelor, girls try to win over a guys feelings. Ironically our Mindy did just that and won the show. After this, even with a reputation as being a sweetheart on the show, we questioned what girls would think after seeing one of our sorority sisters announce that she was a Zeta at GSU on TV. Overall, everything worked out fine, and once girls meet more of your chapter members they seem to forget about the misconception they might have had going into recruitment.
-Kati Ann

28. Ashley,
This video looks like it took a lot of time! 1. I can’t believe you were able to capture all of the footage around campus that you did. 2. How in the world did you recreate that song? I’m guessing one of your friends rapped the new lyrics you made up? Either way this was a really good video. It shows how much work you put into making it. I like the new theme song, haha, maybe you should submit it to the activity center or the admissions office.
-Kati Ann

29. Mackenzie,
What a great post to read right before graduation. I feel that if I had to make a top list of things to prepare girls for when coming to college at GSU, all of the same topics would be on my list too. Very cute! This took me back to when I was a freshman. I moved down here from Tennessee, and being that it is warm in Tennessee but you also have the off season and capabilities of going skiing in the winter, I didn’t think twice about bringing all of my belongings to my super tiny dorm room including, yes, my ski attire. I remember thinking I’ll probably make it back to the mountains and enjoy a few days on the slopes. This did not happen. I have to admit its now been over 3 years since I’ve been skiing and I still have my bibs, ski gloves, head warmers, the essentials sitting in my south georgia closet, where they will remain for who knows how long. Thanks for the post- it was an enjoyable read!
-Kati Ann

30. Mackenzie,
Great idea! I feel like social media is so much a part of my daily life now, that it would almost be silly to leave an interview without them understanding all of the capabilities we have to offer through the use of social media. We may not be geniuses or social media mentors yet, but I believe we have more experience than the average person on facebook. I love the idea of adding a section to our resume for social media access alone. This provides the possible employer with hands on access to our work through our blogs and twitter accounts. They can see our interest in social media by simply following us. Thanks for the post, this really is a good idea.
-Kati Ann


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