TOW 4: Social Media defined in 140 Characters

Most of us know what Twitter is. And if you’re reading this out there and don’t, you should. Basically, on twitter you can update your “status” to say anything you would like, but the catch is, it can only be up to 140 characters in length.

Difficult at times? Yes! But, the key is to write only the most important and vital information. It’s just like a billboard. We all know that what an advertiser wants to say on a billboard, must be short, precise, and should be of some sort of importance to the reader. There’s only so much time before someone driving a car will pass a billboard, making it that much harder for an advertiser to figure out just how to word the meaning their trying to get across. It must be big and bold. Twitter has the same idea.

  • An article my social media professor picked out to discuss this week is found on Adam Vincenzini’s blog post.  He posted as you will see on his site a request on Twitter for people of communication to come up with their own definition of “social media” in 140 characters. Here are a few of my favorite from the Vincenzini’s request.

  1. @leeodden Social media is technology that facilitates community & word of mouth. But what makes the social web work are the people
  2. @DannyBrown Social media is the human engine oil. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mini or Mercedes, you get an equal shot to compete in the race
  3. @SuzieLin SM is all about interacting & engaging to build relationships. It allows the world to connect & facilitates the exchange of info & ideas.
  4. @BarbaraNixon Social Media provides a new way for us to listen to, learn from, laugh with, and (lol) even loathe each other.
  5. @lindsaydavies Social media is 21st century communication. It’s open, collaborative, shared, barrierless, informative, entertaining, rapid and evolving

Why did I pick these 5 out of the 140 others?

leeodden hit the nail on the head when they stated it involves “community” and “word of mouth,” and its so true that social media would not exist if it were not for the people to back it up.

DannyBrown defined social media in a very cute way that I felt was true for all of us. Whether were a beginner in social networking or a social networking genius, were all in it together.

Suzielin defined social media based on relationships. I love this because its a way of interacting and building with one another to get ideas and information out there.

BarbaraNixon, which just so happens to be my social media professor, I felt defined social media by pointing out the feelings we are all feeling. Frustration, happiness, and learning all in one, check yes!

And lindsaydavies, what did this author’s definition of social media leave out? Nothing. She pretty much summed it up.

Now after reviewing all of these definitions for social media I will have to conclude this topic with one of my own.

katiannwright@SM is the daily necessity alongside my coffee. It tells me whats going on, who’s doing what, and I learn something new every time I log in!………How’s that?



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7 responses to “TOW 4: Social Media defined in 140 Characters

  1. Sarah

    Loved this post! I’m reading Twitterville by Shel Israel and it’s inspired me to get back in the swing of things on Twitter. I think that it has so much to offer especially when it comes to getting your name out around the time of graduation. Follow me! @samonahan

  2. micaelacarter

    Kati Ann, I really enjoyed your post about social media and what you thought was the best definition. My favortite part that you wrote about was how a tweet is almost like a billboard. I like how you said it needed to be, “short, precise, and should be of some sort of importance to the reader. There’s only so much time before someone driving a car will pass a billboard, making it that much harder for an advertiser to figure out just how to word the meaning their trying to get across. It must be big and bold.” I know that after reading this, it will help me when it comes to me tweeting, because most of the time I find it hard to say something of importance or relevance.

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  4. Brittany Maree

    I liked your picks for definitions of social media. I do agree, the tweet needs to contain the most vital and precise information. I personally find it hard to write something in 140 characters because it is so difficult to cut down information to just one short and important sentence or two. I liked the way you said it needs to be like a billboard as well. This is very true when you think about it. I struggle with writing 140 characters, so hopefully your insight will help me try to differentiate between what is the most important to put in a tweet and what is not.

  5. laur22

    Your definition for social media was great! I liked it because it was outside of the box and simple. I too find that with my cup of coffee in the morning comes logging online and checking the Internet. You made an excellent point when you said it needs to be like a billboard. Since you can only use 140 characters, I find myself paying attention to what others have to say more. I don’t enjoy reading blog post after blog post, and Twitter makes it quick and fast to read someone’s thoughts. I also really like your whale border, very cute!

  6. I love your definition of social media in 140 characters or less. I probably like it so much because I too receive most of my information through social media networks! It is almost scary how much information that a person can learn about someone through social media networks. I also enjoyed Danny Brown’s that you choice to elaborate on. That is too funny! I don’t know how I missed that one when I was completing this blog post. The funny part about it is that everyone does get an equal shot in the race. My problem is sometimes I am just not as fast! That kind of leads to Professor Nixon’s as well about sometime loathing!

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