TOW 5: Reaction to Search Engine Visibility

This post is in reference to the Edelman  Insights paper, three pronged approach. There are many search engines out there, and a variety in types as well. The two main types of search engines deals with paid searches and optimized searches. Each of these deal more with marketers and advertising. The other types of of search engine visibility areas are used more by PR professionals. These are reputational searches and social searches. The use of these search engines are importan for companies. By using these search engines companies open the door to broad audiences through social media. This type of availability to a consumer searching online for a product or service is what the consumer is seeking.

The five steps for being more “visible” online are:

  1. Research
  2. Teamwork
  3. Planning
  4. Experimentation
  5. Benevolence

     I was suprised to see that Google has competition. I honestly didn’t realize that social media played as big of a threat as it does. People are now using their twitter accounts to get information on the latest news updates. As I practiced a few searches of my own after reading the article, I found that when I typed in a product or keyword, many of the websites that were listed came back as blogs. Many people are blogging now, and more create blogs everyday. If you are visible in the online community your company has a better chance at being found, and having credibility as a responsive and “listening” company. With the way things are turning, as we all check our facebook and twitter, even linkedin accounts daily, as a company representative it is important to keep an active and postive image.

     After reading this paper, a thought or two struck me. First, what does it take to get to or remain in the top rankings or on the first page of results after a search? And secondly,  how do the companies feel about all of the advertising and dollars they spend yearly, when yet, bloggers are popping up almost just as often for free?

     This paper was interesting in that it offered up information that I was unaware of. It’s incredible how much potential there is for companies if they keep a good image online as well as offline.


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