PR Connection 3: International Arts Academy

This summer I decided to take 10 hours of college courses to try and get ahead. Every class I attended was what you would expect, go in, get your syllabus, and start learning. When you take courses in the summer the material load is much heavier than in the fall or spring because you are trying to cram tons of information into a shorter period. I had to check off some classes for my major so I signed up for a class under “special topics” which is a course that also falls under my upper division checklist. Great right? Well, yes it is great. I am currently an assistant director helping out with the International Arts Academy. This is a camp designed for students with a level of talent and a love for the arts. Kids ages 13-18 have come to Georgia Southern to intergrate with others and in just a weeks time put together a whole hour production full of song, dance, and acting. Most of the children are from a school in Derby, England. The other students are kids from around Georgia. Together our theatre directors and theirs have been working together to put on the one week camp for all of them; this is where my role comes in. My special topics class consisted of 8 of us students. We were trained the first week of class to prepare ourselves for the kids. This week, (they are here), we have been helping them with anything they need, as well as journaling objectively and subjectively about the everyday experiences. The last week of the class we will be talking about the camp, and making a book of all our journals combine to hopefully help with the future IAA camps. It has been tough, with a ton of extra time outside of class, but has truly been an amazing experience. The kids and directors are all wonderful and a close bond has formed between all of us. What a cool class!

Pictured here, are some of the kids rehearsing their parts for the big production.

Photo Credit: Scott Bryant

Photo Credit: Scott Bryant


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