PR Connection 2: Statesboro Commercials

I currently have lived in the town of Statesboro, Georgia for almost five years now. Statesboro’s main attraction is the college, Georgia Southern University, which is the main purpose for why most occupants reside here. The town is not a big town, and the college students are the majority of the “boro’s” population. Although the town holds many professionals and talent, it also holds some with a lack of talent.

This brings me to my discussion for today. The community has a reputation for really cheesy commercials. The main point or advertisement to some of these commercials many have yet to figure out. After discussing Statesboro commercials with locals and friends, the most common adjectives used were: different, unique, weird, dumb, outlandish, and awkward.

As a Public Relations student we focus a lot on branding and image for businesses and companies. I can promise you some of these commercials, I couldn’t even tell you what or who they are trying to attract. So, I thought you would enjoy seeing the “boro’s finest.” I titled the following commercials as “Boro’s Got Talent.”
Please Enjoy.


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