TOW 3: Is Social Media monitoring ethical?

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     What we know today about technology, is far more vast than many of us probably imagined. We all knew that technology would advance, but I would take a wild guess that the words social media never crossed your mind 10 or 20 years ago; and if it did, the thoughts probably didn’t come close to what we do with social media today.   

"Old School"


Through the use of the internet, social networking sites are offered to us anytime, anyplace, and right at our fingertips. Not only can you access them through your computer or laptop, but through your cell phone. Some of the more popular social networking sites are, facebook, twitter, myspace, and linked.   

Due to social media, companies are not able to get information on clients unlike ever before. Quick responses and opinions are a speedy venue for company feedback. Some might say that tracking social media is unethical, or untrustworthy. They might say that this way of communication from company to consumer is a type of invasion of their privacy. If one feels like this interaction is giving away too much information then one might simply choose to not use a social networking site.   

  • If you are looking for a website that can track all information about a company that pops up on social networking sites and blogs try this website recommended by my professor Mrs. Barbara Nixon. Its web address is

Social media has really opened the door for companies to get into the minds of what people are thinking and saying, and are able to benefit from these. More polls and opinions help companies track individuals so that they can try to offer the type of service people are looking for. Not only have social networking sites provided interaction through opinions, but also a way of advertisement. For instance, on facebook, you can create a group and lets use the example that you’re a (retail clothing store). Within this group, you can invite a great number of people, post information about where your store is located, what you sell, and even pictures of your merchandise. This is free advertisement for a retailer!   

Our Generation



In my opinion, I honestly go back and forth on this issue. Is it ethical yes, but in some respects I disagree. I believe if you are posting content on a website you agree and realize that most of the information you post can be seen. There are ways of blocking certain pictures or comments you post, but who can ever really be sure that one day it won’t be found through something as simple as a search engine. After saying this, I personally don’t like being stalked with advertisements. Creating a twitter account is not like giving out your phone number to someone. Companies should respect your boundaries even on the internet. With this said, as long as social media does not cross the line beyond what you are willing for people to see, I think its okay. Being invited to join a group or fan club, doesn’t strike me as unethical. With this said, if you haven’t ventured out into the world of social networking, because you fear the issues I’ve mentioned above, I would recommend you to take that step. They’re more than just websites, the world basically runs on them now.   


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  1. Kati Ann, you make a really good point about social media being ethical and advertisements now using social media outlets like crazy. I hate that! I think it’s a good way for businesses to get information out to the public and receive feedback, but it’s annoying sometimes when they take it overboard. Especially on twitter, that’s one of the main reasons that I deleted my personal twitter account. I also really like the fact that you used the retail store as an example. It was a really good way to relate social media to something that interests both you and me.

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