TOW 2: How was/is social media being used in the Haitian earthquake crisis?

Dear followers,

     What we have seen in the past few weeks from the earthquake in Haiti has been devistating. Not only has it been the topic of many discussions recently, but has become apart of many people’s lives around the world. Some have donated their money and support, while others have gone over to Haiti to try and rebuild or yet just comfort those suffering. My discussion today this week focuses in on the mass amounts of social media that has evolved and let us into the devistation taking place nowhere near most of us.

     One question I would ask is what have you done? Whether you have talked about the situation with your friends, family, or co-workers, or donated money or blood in support for the victimes, obviously most of us are aware of whats taking place. Tragedy.

     When I found out about the earthquake my first instinct was to search the internet. Not only, did I find blog posts, but twitter posts and pictures, facebook status updates, and actual videos of the aftermath of the earthquake. Many relief efforts have been set into action. Celebrities have been on TV with Public Service Announcements and commercials for donations since the earthquake. As far as non profit organizations go, the American Red Cross has been helping Haitians out tremendously with food, water, and medicine. As for social media, they have been keeping the public very informed through their website and other media outlets, such as twitter, if you happen to be following them there. On their website you can find now only stories from volunteers who have been over in Haiti but also videos such as this one.  . They have done an excellent job using social media to get the word out for awareness, donations, and overall support.

Commenting on Blogs:

As for another topic of discussion, blog commenting can be crucial to a professional or beginning “blogger.” Before I started blogging I asked myself “why?” I wasn’t sure why I should be commenting on other people’s blogs or why they should be commenting back on mine. But I now get it! Bloggers encourage each other daily, even hourly by commenting on other’s blog posts that interest them. Not only is it insightful and the comment might contain information of importance to the author of a post, but in return you the reader may have something to offer to a blogger. Even if your comment says something along the lines of, “hey, this was a really interesting thought,” it can truly inspire that blogger to keep up their blog. When commenting on a blog I would recommend keeping the content polite. Just like the type of etiquette you practice daily in face to face communication. This link here, offers some really great tips for those that are unsure when faced with something they feel strongly about to comment or not to comment, and if you do, how to comment politely. I hope these tips help, and if you have any comments for me, please go ahead! 🙂



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