PR Connection 1: Race for the Cure

I decided to share a short video that I found on This video is a clip of what the 1st annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was like last year in Savannah, Georgia. I was in attendance along with most of my Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sisters. Our sorority’s national philanthropy is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Foundation. We felt that it being the first “Race for the Cure,” hosted right here in the heart of Savannah we not only needed but wanted to be there on this special day. The race took place in downtown Savannah, Georgia, and the route wound around the beautiful historic squares. The number of volunteers and participants was incredible! Pink was everyone, as men and women came out to show their support for those lost to breast cancer and those survivors.

The event was sponsored by Memorial Health located in the area, and Savannah’s most well-known cook, “Paula Deen along with her two son’s,” kicked off the race. The race was of course, the main event, but along with the race the whole day was dedicated in celebrating life. Many vendors, such as, yoplait, came out and had tables set up with free goodies, and food in the squares.

There were information booths everywhere, allowing people the opportunity to learn more about breast cancer prevention, and self examinations.

I myself, decided to run the 5k in support of my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. As I ran the race along with many others, I remember the incredible amount of encouragement from people cheering along the road to those that ran by my side. Since that day, I have found a true passion in running and have been running ever since.

I fully support the Susan G. Komen foundation and believe that it is one of the greatest Non-Profit organizations out there. If you aren’t involved, check out this website for information on how you yourself can become involved, and find a race near you.


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