Weekly Topic: Cover Letter Tips for PR Majors

Dear followers,

      Throughout my last semester of college I will be covering weekly topics chosen by my PR Practicum class. These topics will vary around public relations issues. There are about 14 weeks left until I graduate, so you will be able to find about 14 different topics. Some you may find these posts helpful, insightful, or maybe just a review. But, I will try my best to post something of interest, and who knows, maybe after these 14 weeks, not only will I have learned something new, but you as well!

Cover Letter Tips for PR Majors

Obviously, I’m not a PR Einstein, considering I’m still in classes and have not yet entered the world of working in PR, but I have found some great tips, from people who have. I’ve also provided the links to their websites, or places where you may want to purchase a book concerning this topic.

1. Remember before you get an interview, you will submit a cover letter. This cover letter is the way of communication besides your resume between you and your possible future employer. Make sure its not only good, but great! There cannot be mistakes in it. Why? Because it shows a sense of irresponsibility and carelessness to your possible future employer. They don’t know you so this means, this letter is all they are judging you by until you actually meet them in an interview. Its your ticket and chance to sell yourself. So make it good, and show em what you got! 🙂

PR people, here’s a helpful process with steps to follow to really knock out that professional you’re trying to impress! http://www.jobbankusa.com/public_relations_cover_letter.html

2. Have you read some of the helpful tips above and felt the drive to get started, but didn’t know exactly where to start? Below I have found an excellent sample cover letter, that could be just the encouragement you need to get typing. You can find many cover letter samples on the internet. Here’s one for PR majors like you and I.    http://jobsearch.about.com/od/coverlettersamples/a/publicrelations.htm

3.  Here are 6 easy steps for PR majors that are given that most of us know, but might easily forget. These 6 steps might be helpful to keep as a checklist as you are writing your cover letter. http://www.ehow.com/how_2046390_write-cover-letter-public-relations.html

4. Another issue to consider is not only what to put in your cover letter but also what not to put in your cover letter. Here are 10 c0ver letter mistakes to avoid. http://content.mycareer.com.au/advice-research/cover-letter/cover-letter-mistakes-to-avoid.aspx

5. And last but not least, I found an article on cnn.com titled “you’re not getting the job- 25 reasons why.” Its not entirely about cover letters, but I felt had some interesting tips for the everyday jobseeker. Take a look. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/worklife/05/28/cb.sabotage.job.search/index.html

Lastly, from what I’ve read and encountered, be yourself in a cover letter. Make sure the way you come across is friendly and positive. And no matter what always be interested in the position you are pursuing.


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7 responses to “Weekly Topic: Cover Letter Tips for PR Majors

  1. Well, if I don’t get a job… It’s not going to be because of my cover letter! I really agree with the last point you made about being yourself in your cover letter. However, I think that this might be the hardest part about writing a cover letter. I think that finding your voice and not making it sound “business like” is key! Thanks for getting websites that were geared towards getting a job in Public Relations field. I know I had a hard time finding a good deal of info on that topic. I especially liked the link to the cnn.com article.

    • Thanks, Meghan. You made a good point. The hardest part I’ve dealt with in the past is trying to find the balance of “being yourself” in a cover letter while also following professional guidelines. I’m glad you liked the article in CNN, it caught my eye as well. 🙂

  2. Thanks, for letting me know! I will check on that right away!

  3. candicehall

    Kati Ann, I really like the way your blog is set up! This particular blog post was very helpful. We are at that point where we need to really start thinking about jobs, resumes and coverletters. As much as I hate to admit it, cover letters are so essential to your resume. It’s like the very first impression you have on an employer. And I have ran into the issue of just not having enough room on my resume to tell the employer all that I want to. I have those little things that don’t exactly fit in anywhere in my actual resume but make a great addition to my cover letter! I remember one of my high school teachers made us write cover letters and I thought he was crazy. Now I realize just how valuable they can be. I liked all the extra sources you provided! Those will definitely come in handy as I try to perfect my resume package and cover letters! Thanks for the tips! Good job.

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  6. Hi Kati Ann! I really enjoyed reading your post. The tips you provided were extremely helpful. A cover letter is very important, because if you do not have a good cover letter than an employer may not even pick up your resume. As you said, it is a way of communication between you and the potential employer besides your resume. The purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself and to add any important additional information that an employer may not be able to find out from your resume. I highly recommend having as many people as possible proofread your cover letter. You do not want to have any mistakes, because more than likely the employer will throw it away. Great advice!

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