It’s Movin Time…

This blog is for all of those moving in the near future. I as a college student have moved now in the past 4 years 3 seperate times. Not only is that a pretty large number in a small amount of years, but I will be moving AGAIN, yes I said it, in two weeks. Many college students are used to the hustle and bustle of moving around their college town. Uusually your lease for your apartment or house will run up after just 1 year around the end of July. I was thinking of what type of blog post to share and figured that these simple steps I have put together are sure to help any mover! Enjoy.


Movin the Easy Way: 101

1. First make sure you take a deep breath and relax, this is not a simple project and its not going to take an hour to prep for your big move so you might as well get in the mindset that, your task will take time.

2. I start by getting as many boxes as possible from local groceries, vendors, etc. They are more than willing to give you their trash.

3. Go ahead and stock up on duck tape, scissors, and magic markers. -The worst is when you are in the middle of packing and on a role and you run short on one of these items. It slows your roll.

4. Seperate each room in your mind and only start in one of them. If you jump back and forth the mess can become a headache itself.

5. You will need three seperate boxes at first one labeled KEEP, one labeled TRASH, and one labled GIVE-AWAY.  You of course move the items in the keep box and label them according to room and items, throw away the trash, and take the give-away to your local salvation army, goodwill, or someone you know.

6. The key to step five is this, if you have not seen/used/or given a proper home to an item you find before moving it belongs in the trash or give-away box. You do not want to take clutter to a new place, because the longterm goal is that you won’t have clutter. (Slim chances, I know, because its so easy to do, but I’m hopeful)

7. Once you have packed up one room, move onto the next. This process is fairly simple. I suggest packing the smaller rooms first. This being, your closet, bathroom, laundry room.

moving boxes

8. Once you have packed each room, go ahead take the trash to the dump, give-away all of your items that you do not use, and start loading the “Keep” boxes.

9. A couple of extra suggestions for organization and keeping everything sorted, you might want to use a different color sharpie marker on each rooms boxes. This way all of your kitchen items might be in orange, and your closet items might be in purple. The color distinction will help.

10. Something I like to do…If you feel like your clothes or linens smell like boxes after a long move, throw in a dryer sheet or two with the box for a fresh scent upon unpacking!

Well, this is it. Simple and organized. Most important reminder is not to move junk with you. Its so easy to do, but if you haven’t used something, worn something, or found a spot for something in the past 5 years, likely you won’t in your new place either.


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  1. Nancy

    Those are great tips, but getting boxes from the store is so hard by me. I ultimately bought mine from They were cheap, in great shape, and even came with the markers, tape and packing paper I needed. I even got a neat little tape gun! Plus delivery was included for free, so I didn’t have to go lugging boxes around town or paying some ridiculous extra fee. It was a lifesaver for me, hope it can do the same for you or one of your readers!

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