Attention All PR People…”Read All About It”




ATTENTION ATTENTION: Here are my Top 10 favorites things about my Publications class this summer at GSU.

Drumroll please…

10. Blogging! Yes, I said it. Everything is on the internet today anyways, so we might as well just get used to it. I got to get the basics of blogging down in my intro to Public Relations class last spring, and this summer continue to blog in my Publications class. I like it because its a fun and easy way to sort of make a portfolio of your life. In Pubs we basically made a portfolio of our class, how fun!

9. Our group presentation of social classes was a learning experience. Not only did I get to work with 3 other classmates that I had never met before, but we worked hard as a team to put together a 15 minute lecture for the rest of our class that was interactive and informative.

8. Learning InDesign. I had not even heard of the InDesign program before I took this course. Embarressing, I know. Not only did we learn its basics in a few short weeks, but also made some rockin things on it.

7. Okay, so I love TV firstly, and in class we had a couple of days where we were able to watch the show “dirty jobs” towards the end. I learned so much from those 30 minute clips. Not only do we have tons of different types of paper, but the way paper is made…incredible!

6. Every single publication that is done should be written to the target audience and the public you are trying to reach. Who would have known that certain fonts were appealing to our emotions? Pretty psychological if you ask me.

5. There are millions and billions of fonts out there. You don’t have to necessarily stick with what comes up on your pull down on word or design. There are websites that allow you to download fonts that might not be available on your program, one of which we used in class,

4. I can’t leave out Twitter! Its the upcoming hit thing to do if you are at all interested in networking. This website will allow you to socialize and meet people you would never dream of communicating with. My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Ashton Kutcher of course. 🙂

3. I now know how to create my own letterhead and business cards! And we did! I was able to create whatever design, layout, and style that I wanted. Since these were mock examples I designed mine with polka dots and lots of color. This will more than likely go into my InDesign portfolio. I thought this was so much fun.

2. The Crap Principles. When I heard that we were learning how to use the crap principles to better our designs, I thought to myself this can’t be right. But it is! CRAP stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. By using theses 4 principles and applying them to your design whether it be a letterhead or a brochure, it makes the finished product look great and attractive to your reader.

1. My favorite thing I learned how to do in Pubs this semester was working with InDesign to produce a professional brochure for a non-profit organization. Working with the program was difficult at first, and there were still many of questions along the way, but I now feel comfortable with the program and plan to continue using it to produce many things in the future. I love my brochure, and it really means something to me, because I chose the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, I put my heart into the project. This is something I will keep for a good while and maybe even put in my portfolio.


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  1. Love it! You made me laugh — and that’s a good thing.

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