Choosing a font is more important than most would think before or when designing a product. The designer must recognize the value to typography they choose. It is of equal importance whether you are making a business card, brochure, or Webpage. Fonts explain meaning to a product. For example, you may be designing a brochure for a Halloween Haunted House, you would not choose a cute small delicate font that is written in cursive, but more of a bold, creepy font that screams Halloween. Fonts bring out feelings for the reader and should correlate with the message. The reader of a product will understand the overall message that the designer is trying to communicate if these things match up. Typography is important because the fonts used in a publication should match the key message that the writer wants to convey about the idea.

In class Mrs. Nixon showed us a website http://www.dafont.com/ where you can download your own fonts to your computer. There are tons, for instructions click here.



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