Repitition: Crap Principles

The CRAP principles were made up by a woman named Robin Williams. CRAP stands for Contrast, Repitition, Alignment, and Proximity. These four words are what determines good graphic design. They are at utmost importance to keep in mind when you are designing. The term I am going to focus on is Repitition. The principle of repitition is defined as repeating some aspect of design throughout the entire piece. This is important. A design needs to be eye catching to the observer. Using the bold and italics is a good thing, and will be recognized by your reader. The color has a lot to do with keeping the reader on the right page. When you read something it is much more confusing if the theme color keeps changing, right? So, remember to keep it simple, it can still be pretty, but you want your reader to know they are still looking at the same page. It helps control the readers eyes. Consistency, and organization are very imporant to your work. The stronger these qualities are, the better chance people will take the time to read your piece.



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