Segmenting Publics

ribbonFor my publications class we will be turning in a professional brochure for an organization, preferably non-profit. I have chosen the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Foundation because I happen to know quite a bit about the foundation. It is important to me because it hits close to home, being that my aunt is a breast cancer survivor. My sorority through college has been very active in the fight against breast cancer with fundraisers and participated in many events such as, Race for the Cure. As I thought about who I would really be writing the brochure for, my main focus seemed to focus in on mostly women, but men also, and mostly life development stages, such as age demographics. This does not mean that only certain people can get the disease in an age bracket, but women who are at least 16-18 are at a higher risk then for example a 12 year old. I hope that the impact on the design of the brochure will really impact my public I am trying to reach. The colors will mostly be pink, to work with the “think pink” them for breast cancer, and the pink breat cancer ribbon. The pictures will be appealing to those who have known someone with breast cancer, lost someone to breast cancer, or even have a chance of being part of the startistic that, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The colors will be bright and hopeful, not sad and dark. And the theme is awareness and educating so that hopefully the person who picks up the brochure will take it, read it, go get his/her examination, and also educate or hand the brochure on to someone else.


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