Through the use of, each student in our class has been given the opportunity to learn a lecture about photography online. Not only did it introduce to amazing pictures but you were also given background information about the photo’s, and it classified them into different categories to point out things the average person  might not notice. Some of the things that I learned about were the details to a picturel. There are many terms that people in photography use that I was unaware of. For example, images can have multiple elements to them such as, juxtaposition, a mood, layering, surprise, impact, and even a sense of place. There are many more, but these are just a few characteristics that pictures might portray. My favorite type of pictures were the ones categorized under “graphic.” These were interesting to look at because graphics really focus on shapes, lines, and forms. I found a picture under this section very unique and I loved it! The second picture of all the ballet dancers warming up stood out to me. The section that stood out to me most out of the lesson was the concentration of multiple elements. This was new to me, but also really caught my attention. I am astonished that pictures can have so many traits to them, besides being the obvious (light/dark, emotional/non-emotional, time period, etc.) This was interesting to learn, but might take myself a while to learn the different elements to photography. 🙂 Lastly, the part of the lesson I would really dive into if learning about, and appreciate would be the different approaches to a photo. I really enjoy seeing different aspects of stories, views, and also photography. The picture of the birth that is pictured on the website really intrigued me. I think that it is important to capture more than just one viewpoint to an important event. The fact that you can take a picture of a birth and focus in on the mothers point of view, and then take a picture from another angle and focus in on the father’s emotions of being a dad is really neat. I would love to learn more about the different approaches to photography.

Since I did a blog post on photography, I thought I would add in my favorite picture I’ve taken of my dog Sophie, I’m definitely not a professional, but captured her sleeping and tongue out. She always gets to sleep in!

Summer 09 006



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2 responses to “Photography

  1. micaelacarter

    Aww.. Sophie! I miss seeing her at the Woodlands office.. haha!

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