News, Ch. 14

The question asked today in class was, “What is news?” This seems like a simple enough question, right? Well, it is but at the same time has multiple answers. Just listening to the responses these were some of the answers blurted out.

  • Provide Information
  • A Current Event
  • Timely
  • Sometimes Relative to you, or Important

News is everywhere. It can be anything from information you get from a friend to something you read in a paper, which was the main topic in class today.

Interesting Note for people new to PR: Press Releases and News Releases are the same thing. Although, the term used more commonly today is News Release.

Fun Fact: Ivy Lee is the father, (the inventor) of the Press Release.

Quick Notes:

  • Reporters are going to rely on the PR professional to gather information for the news release. The reason being is because they are getting information straight from someone involved in the company.
  • In a news release write in an Inverted Pyramid form. Include your most important information first.
  • Try to include your 5 w’s and h in the introduction. The 5 W’s being- Who, What, When, Where, and Why, and last but not least your H,-How.

Wilcox, D.L., & Cameron, G.T. (2009). Public relations: Strategies and tactics (9th Ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.


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