Program Planning Ch. 6

Public Relations is based around a process, hence the word planning. There is a four step process that is simple to go by if you can remember the acronym RACE. The four steps are research, action, communication, and evaluation. Each step follows another. Public relations planning should be strategic.

In class we discussed the differences between Informational Objectives and Motivational Objectives.

  • Motivational are much easier to measure than informal objectives.
  • The main objective of Motivational objectives are to clearly measure results to be quantified.
  • Informational objectives are mainly used to increase public awareness and deliver key messages. The difficult part in this is measuring how well a particular objective is achieved.
  • Two comparisons from our text Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, 9th edition, Wilcox and Cameron:

Informational Objective:

Clorox: “Generate widespread awareness of the gentle benefits of Clorox Anywhere.”

Motivational Objective:

Clorox: “Stimulate awareness and word-of-mouth by reaching at least 3,000 key target audience members with information about Clorox.”

Your Public Relations Plan should include at least 8 elements:






6.Calendar or Timeline



Wilcox, D.L., & Cameron, G.T. (2009). Public relations: Strategies and tactics (9th Ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.


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