Thoughts on Twitter

The word “Twitter”, sounds pretty silly for a website that tons and tons of adults of all ages are using. When I first made my account for Twitter, I was very hesitant. Not only, had I never heard of it, but I was not sure if I wanted to get involved in another “facebook.” The only reason I felt this way was because I am currently a facebook user and spend/waste much of my time on this site. I truly love the internet, and have found it to be a wonderful way to research, get information, and have fun, but in my case it is a huge contribution to my procrastination problem! 🙂 Twitter, although I may hate to admit it, has been something I will check up on a couple of times a day now.

I have had fun changing my background, and configuring the details for my profile. I am no expert by any means but I’m sure with time I will improve. The most shocking surprise was finding Britney Spears on Twitter, this absolutely made me laugh. I’m sure its not really her, but interesting to find that someone would make her a profile. I also happened to stumble across one of my favorite TV cooks tonight. You’re asking who? Paula Deen of course! I figured if she was on Twitter it might be worth the status checks. I have logged on and found out facts and current events that are taking place that I would have never known otherwise. Twitter is a great communication tool, and for now I’ll keep twittering.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on Twitter

  1. When I saw “Hey y’all” in your previous post, I wondered if you are a Paula Deen fan . . . and I see that you are! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Twitter. Glad to hear you plan on continuing using the service.

    • haha, Yes! I had the opportunity to meet her this past weekend at Race for A Cure in Savannah, and decided to run in the race instead of volunteer. Sadly most of my sorority sisters that volunteered got the opportunity to and have pictures with her now. What are the chances?! 😦

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